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Yes: 'Free' as in 'Free Beer' and 'Free Speech'. And this will always be the case. However we are planning to offer professional accounts with additional functionality after we are out of beta.

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Yep. It is in beta and this means that we are still developing the platform. So over the next couple of weeks you will certainly find some surprisingly new features and hopefully not to much bugs. If you want to help us building a software useful for you, please let us now if you encounter errors or have suggestions for new features!

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92% found this helpful · Permalink produces eBooks compliant to the ePub 2.0 specification, the XML-based distribution format standard for digital publications. You can validate your ePubs here:

If you interested in the technical aspects read the documents on

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This is the most basic scenario:

Once you have registered with your Google Drive account you will see a new option in your document's context menu:

You may need to re-log in into you Google Drive account to have this option activated. And of course you need a text document to export, which may use custom fonts and images, all of this is imported into ePubs.

After 'Open with' Google Drive will forward you to where you will see a landing page like this:

When writing you text make sure use 'Headline' format on the chapter and section headlines as will build the table of contents based on this formats.

After selecting your options will produce the ePub and store it in your Google Drive and your library. That's all it takes to create your ePub.

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