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5 Simple writing tips to power through your next eBook

The time has come to finally tackle the task you’ve been wanted to complete but are avoiding like the plague: writing your eBook! We know and fully understand this love-hate relationship you have. You’ve come up with an idea for the eBook you want to create, but you’re struggling with actually doing so, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in that boat. Whether it’s figuring out how to properly write your eBook, finding the time or maintaining concentration, we fully sympathize with your frustration and Liberio is here to help. Check out these 5 simple tips on how to tackle the completion of your eBook:

Create an outline

Setting up a clear structure to follow when writing your eBook can and will help your thought process and guide you through your writing. The outline gives your brain an ordered list to break down into parts and makes “filling in the blanks” a lot easier. Don’t worry though, your outline can and will change as you write your eBook. But having this structure as a fall back will make it much easier for you to get back in the flow.

Set goals for yourself

Start small. The last thing you want to do is make your initial goals difficult. You might end up not reaching them and in turn feel discouraged. Doing so takes away from your desire to write, which is the last thing you want.

Here are some ideas for potential goals:

1. Write 1,000 words per day.

2. Write in chunks — 45 minutes non-stop with a 15 minute break (or whatever time slots work best)

3. Write for 15 minutes every day.

4. Finish one chapter per day.

Are you meeting those goals? Excellent! Increase them as necessary but starting small and increasing along the way is sure to boost your productivity, encourage you and get you to finish your eBook in no time!

eBook on the go!

Google Drive’s desktop and mobile app make it easy and convenient to always write down your thoughts. Whether you’re at work, at home browsing the web, or in the store, be sure to jot your thoughts down as soon as they come to mind! Those random sparks are usually the one’s that bring your work to life.

Get Feedback Early

Find a few people who have solid writing and proofreading skills, and make them your best friend. Throughout the course of writing your eBook, share your document their way, and pick their brains on what they think. Their early insight can help you with the direction you are or should be headed.


We all have a particular time of day when we feel most productive. Be sure to know and capitalize on your natural power times that work best for you. Distraction means procrastination, so be sure to close anything that will take your mind off the task at hand. Emails and social networks are considered to be a top priority for a lot of individuals, making them demanding and a surefire way to distract you. Close those apps and make Google Drive your main focus. Have your document opened, along with whatever else gets your synapses firing!

Pro-tip: Not able to get much done? That’s your brain saying it needs some rest. Step away and try again at another point in time. Forcing yourself to write will only lead to a lack of productiveness.

Finished writing your eBook? Congratulations! It’s time to create and publish with Liberio. We’re looking forward to seeing what you share with the world.

To help you fight the procrastination and tackle the creation of your eBook, we’ll be posting some more tips, so stay tuned! To follow along, share your tips with others and stay up to date with the latest in Liberio news, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

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